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Construction of nurse school for disadvantaged students

PSBS is a highly target and mission oriented organization and the mission is to help the poor and vulnerable group in building there capacity both external and internal. Again, the mission also can be described as a tool to make people a "Self Sufficient, Self Governed and Self Dependent" entity through proper guideline, financial help, requisite training etc. PSBS is very much interested to reach its mission shortly and positively.

Now-a-days the percentage of girls/women formal education is comparatively higher than boys/men in the country. The reason behind it that the present Government of Bangladesh provided much priority and also provided related facilities to the women on their formal education especially in the rural areas.

But, the major problems exists for the women are employment opportunity and there is very limited scope to get an employment opportunity in the rural areas for unavailability of organizations, industries, factories etc. particularly for the female. To overcoming this sorts of situation, we think it is important to organize a Nursing Training Centre in the rural areas where there is inadequate such types of service oriented institutions in the southern parts of Bangladesh.

On the other hand, PSBS have already been involved to served in the health sectors in the remotest rural areas an


d already established a self-sustain Hospital project in the village. So, there is an additional advantage to organize such a Nursing Training Centre to make relevant and significant approach with the hospital project.

Moreover, the mentioned young and educated women/girls living in the rural areas already requested in different forum as a reasonable social priority i.e. to provide them training as well as employment opportunity within the hospital premises for promotion of less-fortunate socio-economic conditions of their family.

Total Budget : 195`000 EUR



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